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The magical world of movies
  • The new Flash-player
    It´s about time we talked about the potential of the new Flash-player. We are very excited about it and think this will improve the Voddler-experience. First of all it is only the media-player that will be changed. The distribution technology and content manager VoddlerNet will still be the center of Voddler. That is a [...]
  • The new Voddler – released March 8th
    The new Voddler website, equipped with a Flash-player, is released on March 8th. Until then the service of Voddler will be unavailable. Voddler was exposed to an attempted security breach. The Voddler Client, the media-player, was attacked and we take seriously to all offences towards Voddler, our members and the content. Therefore we have decided [...]
  • Voddler and Comhem
    Are you a Comhem customer and are having problems watching movies on Voddler? It´s might not be the first thing to cross your mind that your Internet settings might be the root of your problems with an online service. This particular problem is identified by buffering and eventually stopping movies you try to watch. Annoying [...]

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